Friday, January 23, 2009

For friends

For those who celebrate Chinese New Year, Franky wishes you have a properous and meaningful Chinese New Year.

For those who don't celebrate Chinese New Year, Franky wishes you Happy Holiday.

For Mr Derick

Dear Mr Derick

Happy Chinese New Year.. Wish you have a wonderful year..Never mind, you are not alone..My heart will always be with you..Hahaha.. By the way, when do you want to give me angpao?


Flying Back to Sibu

Slowly, the darkness had surrounded me. My visibility worsened due to my tiredness. The light from the lamp post at the corridor could not chase away the darkness surrounded me. The cabin was in complete silence. Nobody intended to break the taboo. At this moment, I collapsed with great agony into the chair. Tiredness, sleepiness and disappointment had conquered my entire body. It was not supposed to be like this. Whatever! I just want to go home…

After greeting my classmates and Ms Say Happy Chinese New and Happy Holiday, I rushed back to hostel to get my luggage. I was so glad that I would be at my lovely home after a two-hour flight. Edwin, who travelled with me, had been waiting for me anxiously since the taxi was going to be here in any moment. Both of us were shocked when we saw the cab. It was not an ordinary red-and-white cab, but a more luxurious one. We were quite worried about the fare but we still took it. The journey was fairly good and to our surprise we just had to pay for RM 60 (RM 30 each). Not bad, the driver was actually opened the door for us once we arrived. At that moment, we felt like the rich who had their own driver and the fare was reasonable. However, the nightmares were actually waiting for us!

The service offered by MAS Airlines was very good and professional. I was pretty satisfied with it. (I was not promoting it.) After getting into the boarding hall, we received our first bad news. The MAS staff on duty told us that we would land at Sibu Airport at 9.40pm instead of 8.40pm which was believed before. Oh my, it was not a direct flight. We need to stop at Kuching International Airport for immigrant clearance. This news didn’t disturb me much since I could still reach home before midnight.

After the clearance, we were asked to board again. We were going to fly to our final destination. “Lady and gentlemen, boys and girls, we will land at Sibu Airport at 9.50pm.” Another bad news to me. It was getting late and late. After 30 to 40 minute’s flight, I could see the scenic view of Sibu from thousands feet above. I was overwhelmed with joy.

“Lady and gentlemen, boys and girls, our request to land has been rejected by the airport due to poor visibility at Sibu Airport. At this moment, we will keep the plane at present position.” Oh no! I screamed in my heart. After 15 minutes rotating above Sibu, we were informed by the pilot that we were going to land in a few minutes. When the plane was in its way down, it suddenly accelerated up.

“Lady and gentlemen, boys and girls, once again our request to land is rejected. Your understanding is much appreciated.” The pilot attempted to land twice but they accelerated up just like last time. The acceleration increased after every attempt.

“Lady and gentlemen, boys and girls, our request to land has been rejected by the airport for thrice. For your information, we are currently flying back to Kuching International Airport. You understanding is very much appreciated.” What! We were flying back to Kuching!

All the passengers let out a scream when we landed in Kuching. The plane was actually bounced off when it touched the ground. We were given a transit pass to stop in Kuching International Airport. The crew was buried with inquiries from the passengers.

“The captain is contacting headquarter in Kuala Lumpur right now. If we cannot get any information in another 10 minutes, we are going to arrange accommodation for all of you. Please be patient.” The crew answered us. I didn’t want any accommodation or cash refund. All I wanted was to fly back to Sibu. The situation was a bit out of control. The parents were busy comfort their children.

Luckily, we were asked to board again after 30 minutes. I fell asleep after the plane took off. I was awakening by an announcement.

“Lady and gentlemen, boys and girls, we are going to land in a few minutes. Please keep your seat upright and fasten your seatbelt. We will turn off the light when we land.”

Finally, we were going to land at Sibu. We let out a scream and followed by cry as well as shriek of children. The plane bounced off again when it touched the ground. The bounce was actually more serious than the previous one. For your information, we reached Sibu at 00.30am.

After picking out my luggage, I walked out of arrival hall. I wanted to stay overnight at Edwin’s place. Fortunately, I met my father’s friend and got a free ride home. I actually arrived home at 2.00am. However, I was relieved and thanked God that I had reached home safely.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Light and Darkness

Standing at the main entrance of LCC-T (Low Cost Carrier Terminal), I was choked by the air of Kuala Lumpur. I couldn’t believe that I would have to live here for another one and a half year. My parents especially my father was quite worried about my safety as well as my welfare of living here although I already told him that I would be just fine and I would keep myself safe. However, this mega city is not as simple and naïve as I think…

More accurately, I am staying in Bandar Utama, a very rich and expensive area in Petaling Jaya. It can be considered a golden triangle too since it has a lot of shopping malls in the area. For instance, there are the 1 Utama , The Curve, Ikano Power Centre, IKEA, Tesco, Tropicana City Mall and 10 Boulevard which is going to open soon. Coming from a small and peaceful city in Sarawak, I never encountered any bad guy in my life. So, I still take it easy with everyone. But, in the first week here, something happened to my new friends here. I can’t really believe this was actually happened around me. That day, Ah Beng, Ginger, Woei Song (my roommate) went back from 1 Utama to Centrepoint to have our dinner before went back home. Since I live in Centrepoint, we separated as Ah Beng and Ginger stayed in student house. When I was having shower, Woei Song suddenly knocked at the door, telling me that they were in trouble. Ah Beng and Ginger were cheated by some bad guys. What was on the Earth right now? We went down stair with warden to look for them. We could not contact them. They were nowhere to see!

When everybody was anxious, they appeared in front of us. They were not joking. They told us that they were stopped by a group of people half way. The group told them that they were investigating some crime conducted by KBU students and wanted to ask them some questions. Ginger naively agreed, leaving Ah Beng no choice but followed them. They were separated then. Ginger was brought to McDonalds and Ah Beng was in the Jade Garden (a vegetarian restaurant in Centrepoint ). Both of them were told to hand in their ATM cards. Ah Beng didn’t give them but Ginger did. They were allowed to go after the group had got the money. As a kampong boy, I never dreamt that I would have this thing happened around me. If I was the one who encountered this I would also do exactly what Ginger had done. This was the first time I realized that I was actually surrounded by pure darkness.

The story did not end here. Recently, another friend, Nabil lost his phone to a group of people in a white Saga. They told him that they had lost their way and they need to borrow his mobile phone to call for help. Naively, once again he gave them his mobile phone. To his surprise, they drove away, leaving him there to figure out what had just happened. If the same thing happened to me, I wouldn’t bother to borrow them my mobile phone too as I would just take the thing easy. Stupid right? On the other hand, some of my friends who live in student house also experienced being followed by somebody. Luckily, nothing bad has happened so far. Whoa, what type of world is this? Aren’t we civilized enough not to do these entire bad and lousy things?

Some elders said that whenever there is darkness, we are just a few steps toward the light. To some extent do you agree with this statement? However, I do agree with this. Yesterday, when I was on my way to Sunway Pyramid, I had seen some light in the darkness. The bus was so crowded but I managed to get myself a seat near the window. After a few stop, a Malay lady stood beside the Chinese who sat beside me. Suddenly, he stood out in complete silence to grab a handle nearby. Both the lady and I discovered that he was actually giving her the seat. I was touch by that man. Again, the story did not end here. I saw another young Chinese lady helping a blind Malay girl to cross the road. In addition, I saw a guy pressing the door of LRT when he saw a lady running from far. These entire people asked for nothing in return and just did all these in silence.

Honestly, I never did all these before simply because no one around me does these entire things. I am afraid that I would be laughed by someone nearby. Right now, I am deeply ashamed of myself. We had learnt courtesy, politeness and morality since our early year. “Help those who need help, son.” “Give your seat to senior citizens children or pregnant ladies when you encounter one, son.” “Don’t litter, my dear. You are just making our Earth sick.” Don’t we know all these? How what extent do we actually practise all these? Think carefully yourself for a minute and answer to your heart.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Room, My Canaan

To me, the best place to read and study has turned out to be my little planet, my own room. Although it only occupies a small space, my room does mean a lot to me.

First of all, my room has everything I need for my reading or revision. All the materials and reference that I need can be reached easily. You may think that library would be a better place if I want to look for any materials or reference just simply because it is a LIBRARY. According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, The Seventh Edition, the word library means a building in which collections of books, CDs, newspapers, etc. are kept for people to read study or borrow. However, I can’t find what I want most of the time. Perhaps I am too slow than other. Another thing is that reference books that I owned are more than enough for me. To others maybe they think that the more books they use, the more they get. It maybe true in some extent. But surely I am not going to pile myself up with books. Franky is just a lazy baby.

Besides, I can be distracted by people easily. I like to observe people. When somebody comes around me, I shall observe him or her from head to bottom to come out with my own conclusion. The conclusion can be deduced from the way they walk, their apparels and appearance or the way they act. Perhaps you are one of them. I do have a roommate but I have enough observation of him since I see him every single day. Therefore, I can’t read in place like libraries, cafes (Starbuck and McDonalds). I really salute those capable of doing this.

The most important reason I choose my room to study is I can do everything in it. According to some reports that I have forgotten their title already, the duration to concentrate for an ordinary people is just only 50minutes to an hour. So, of course I need to lie down and have some rest every hour which I can never do it in library or other places. I can also eat and drink in my room. Other than that, I can listen to music and shout to release tension while I am studying. The librarians in KBU are quite fierce that they will just shout at when you talk slightly louder and I am one of the victims. To the librarians, can’t you just talk to us (KBU students) properly instead of shouting? We are civilized enough and we won’t chop your head down.

My room is just like what salt means to sea, flowers mean to humming birds, moon means to the Earth and Bella means to Edward. To me, it is the best and only place to read and study.

My study table

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hi, I am Franky. Since I am a new blogger, here I am to introduce you to a guy who likes the word "LOUSY" very much. I am one of AUSMAT students in KBU International. Yes, it is an international college. For your information, AUSMAT stands for Australian Matriculation or Year 12. According to one of my lecturer, AUSMAT is something to do with West Australia. WACE has been our exam SYNDICATE (quoted by Ms Prema). Enough introduction for my course.
Today I had my first lesson of EAL/D (English as Additional Language/Dialect) and we got a surprising news. Our English lecturer, Mr Derick told us that we need to create a blog as our study log and he is going to view it every weekend. Whoa, what a surprise to me. I always want to be a blogger because it is very cool to have a blog. (This reason is restricted to this lousy guy only.) However, I never start a blog since I am too lazy to do so. I never thought that I shall become one in such way (as an ACADEMIC blogger).
After all, maybe this is a chance that God has arranged for me to become a blogger. Since I am new here, do leave your humble comments so that I can improve myself. I guess I have to stop here. If you are interested at what I am going to post for my lecturer, do follow my blog. Bye.