Saturday, April 18, 2009

A shocking Saturday morning

"Woei Song", "Woei Song", "Woei Song"...
Hardly lifted my thousand-tonnes-weighted eyelids, I searched quickly for the source of the voice. Was someone calling for my roommate? The voice softened and eventually disappeared in the dense and warm air. My body was so heavy as like it was forcing me to lie back. Okay, I thought it would be better to follow my body since it was Saturday. Who on Earth want to wake up so early on Saturday morning? By the way, there were a lot of students like to enhance their high-pitched voice early in the morning. I guessed the air was better early in the morning.Gracefully, I went back to sleep.

Suddenly, somebody was banging at my door. Dragging my sleepy body, I opened the door. At this moment, all my cells woke up and became extremely alert.

"Good morning, uncle."

Oh my! Woei Song's dad was just outside the door and his son was not here. He didn't come back last night.

"Do know where is he because he didn't even pick up the phone? I told him last night that i would be here this morning." his father told me.

"I guess he stayed overnight at student house." This was what my roommate always did during Friday's night. Perhaps watching movie together. But no picking up the phone? He always woke up quite early even on Saturday and Sunday. Had anything happened to him? What if he crashed into something bad while walking back to hostel.

Maybe somebody robbed him and killed him to cover out. Or he crashed with a serial sodomizer who was too obsessed with muscular boy and Woei Song just the one he was looking for. What a lousy roommate I am not to care for the safety of my roommate!

"Daniel, do you know where Woei Song is?"

"He is in my room now."

Thanks God that he is safe and just a short distance from my room. What a frightening but harmless morning. Then, he went out for breakfast with his dad which meant I could go back to sleep. Night everybody.

Friday, April 3, 2009

1. the environment

2. the fresh bread baker

3. the penne bolognese

4. tuna & mushroom spaghetti

5. traditional homemade pizza


Italiannies, a restaurant that I always want to go since last year. I got a lot of highly positive feedbacks from my friends who have been to it, eg. big portion, nice environment, nice spaghetti etc, making so earger to go. This day had arrived finally. My so-called-boss who always slaves me decided to treat me the set lunch in Italiannies. A good pay-off, right?

A friend of mine, Shun Ling, fetched us(Edwin & Chang Win) there. Poh Hui, Hooi Ying, Jaevon and Ainin joined us as well. There was set lunch promotion of RM13.90 onwards which was considered quite reasonable for Italiannies. Everyone wanted to get a good bargain. Upon reaching there, we were served with freshly baked breads dipped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar while deciding our orders. I ordered a lunch set of penne sauce bolognese(ps. not really sure about its name) and a dessert, Italiannies Chocolate and hazelnut cake. Both Edwin and Chang Win ordered set luch as well with different types of spaghetti. Only three lunch were ordered for girls since they would share among themselves with an add-on dessert of bread pudding.

An important part that makes the restaurant nice is its environment. Lacey white curtains, wooden furnitures and tableclothes with checkerboards all gives a homey and relaxing ambiance.
The first thing served was the mushroom soup which functioned as the appertiser. It was very creamy and concentrated. Coming out next were the spaghetti. We shared them so that everyone could get a try. To my surprise, they were all dried pasta. Quite a long time I didn't have dried pasta. They were all sinfully nice. The meat sauce of my penne bolognese was pretty good. The tuna of Edwin's tuna and mushroom spaghetti was quite crispy (not very sure is the correct word to use) and fresh. Chang Win's one which i had forgotten the name constituted a lot of spice but quite delicious in the first place. The girls had a traditional homemade pizza which was quite attracting.

The motto for Italiannies is "so good, so much, so share!" and it suits the food it serves. The portion is rather big which you can actually share among yourself while chit-chatting with your friends. Plates are placed at the dining table to share the food. To me, it is actually a good way to enhance the relationship. How smart the operator is to come out with such a briliant idea. For your infomation, I saw two men sharing a gigantic plate of spaghetti.

In short, the food served is very nice and the environment is conducive as well. However, this type of expensive reataurant can only go once in the very blue moon.

*Ps. Hereby I attached some of the photos of food served. Hope you enjoy them.