Sunday, February 8, 2009

Labor of Love

Hello, everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting since I went for a vacation two days ago. The vacation was very nice and enjoyable but I am not going to talk about it today. Today, I shall talk about work.

So, do you enjoy your work? If you are still a student, your study is your business. Do you love your work? Or you actually hate what you are doing presently. May be you treat your job or study as a responsibility that you need to fulfill for your parents, wife and children. Some people today choose their jobs based on the salary rather than their interest. Especially during economy recession, people are more realistic than before. I am not saying that nobody is choosing their interest but they are only minority. Today, a testimony of a cleaner would be shared with all of you.

There is a cleaner who has worked for a hospital for 15 years without any frustration or bored. Her job is to clean every toilet in that hospital every day. However, she still goes to work cheerfully each day. People doubt since her work is only a dirty blue collar job with extremely low payment. Cleaning the toilets in hospital is never an easy job. The washrooms are not just dirty with all the vomit, bandages and blood, but also the unseen bacteria and viruses that may be fatal. So, why does she enjoy her work every single moment?

“Auntie, why do you enjoy your work every day since it is not a very good one?”

Try and guess what she has replied.

“I want everybody to be happy when they are using the toilet. The patients feel deeply sad and scared when they are being hospitalized. Nobody likes to stay in hospital with all the tubes inserted through the skin. I simply don’t want to worsen their feelings. I want everybody to feel good when they are using the toilets. Hence, I am glad that I can do something for the patients.” The lady replied.

The lady not only works for money but also for the people. The love she has onto the patients makes her work enjoyable. So, do you enjoy what you are doing today? Does your work fill with joy and love?


  1. hope you had a great trip.(wherever it was to) and good story, so i don't expect to hear any complaints anymore when i give you more 'angpao'

    kind regards,