Friday, February 27, 2009

Listening Test

You are going to listen to a man, Franky Wee, talking about his favorite drink which is tea. You are advised to write down the answer while you are listening to the recording because the recording is going to play once only!

*The answers of the candidates are in red.

What is tea?

dried and processed leaves of only one species of plant called camellia sinensis, prepared and cured by various methods.

Contents in tea

1. catechins

2. theanines

3. caffeine

4. theobromine

5. theophylline

6. fluoride

Major varietals

1. The China

2. The India

3. The Hybrid (mixed between the two types that have been mentioned above)

Types of teas

1. Black tea: Wilted, crushed, and fully oxidized

2. Oolong tea: Wilted, bruised, and partially oxidized

3. Green tea: Wilted and unoxidized

4. White tea: Unwilted and unoxidized

Ways to serve tea

1. ordinary plain tea

2. milk tea

3. teh tarik

4. iced lemon tea


1. anti- cancer properties

2. inhibits bacteria that causes bad breath

3. boosts mental alertness

4. boosts immune system

5. Lowers chances of cognitive impairments

6. Lowers stree hormone levels

7. Anti-Venom Effects

8. increases metabolic rates

Places to drink tea in Malaysia

1. Kopitiam

2. Mamak stalls

3. The Coffee Beans & Tea Leafs

4. Cameron Highland

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