Friday, May 15, 2009

C'est la vie

Recently, I started to watch a new series of full metal alchemist (Japanese anime). It is about these two brothers who practice a kind of magic that can create thing from nothing. However, this is not ordinary magic. In order to create thing, they need to pay for it. There is no free lunch in this world even in this virtual world. Their mother died when the elder one was 11 whiles the young one only 10. Even though they were so young at that time, they were determined to “create” their mother through the magic. They had put in a lot of effort. However, after they carried out certain ritual. What they had gotten was nothing else but hell and they paid for it. The young one lost his body. The elder, on the other hand, managed to “lock” his brother’s soul on a metal body but he lost one of his arms and legs. The elder, Edward managed to get artificial limps from a friend. The fixing of these artificial limps is rather painful especially when the limps join with his nerves. Even though their life is tough, they are not going to cease until they get back what they have lost. You may say their life is pathetic. For me, they are brave and strong until they can withstand such a pain and keep moving ahead. I somehow found this story quite reflective to our life everyday.

Life is harsh and challenging. It is never easy.

The adults: They work everyday although they had their job so much just to earn themselves a living. Inflation haunts them every single minute. They can bear the consequence if they have lose their job. The situation worsens if they are the bread-breeder of the family.

The parents: Their main concern is how to make a bright future for their beloved children. They buy them books, learning gadgets(e.g. laptop) tuition classes to obtain the best result in their exam. As a result, the parents need to work extra hard to sustain these education cost. Other than that, the parents need to worry for the safety and the social cycle of the children.

The old people: They are worried that they have caused too much burden and trouble to their children. The cost of health care is so great. Some also are worried that their children may send them to the old folk’s home and they might end up lonely there.

The elder one has so many burdens until they want to go back to their teenage or early year when they don’t need to worry for anything. Who on Earth does telling you that the young generation lives happily all the time? The young ones have their own problems and troubles as well. The adults always treat these problems of young as exaggeration and serve no significance. In fact, all these matters are important to the young.

The students: Last time I used to spend my time playing in the field or stream during my early year. However, the young generation today is not holding fishing rods anymore but books, in particular, textbooks. Students today, ranging from primary to secondary school, are asked to study hard. “You must revise everyday, do a lot of exercises, attend a lot of tuition classes and score excellently in every exam to get good results. This will help you get a good job later and your life will be easy.” Imagine you need to attend tuition class from 8.00am to 5.00pm non-stop during weekend. I used to have a friend doing this in her secondary school in order to get excellent results.

Once again, life is never easy for anybody. However, this is life, man! It is all the challenges, success, failures, good time and bad time which spice out our life and make our life meaningful. You may find your days difficult. Think for a moment, if you don’t move ahead and work hard, how are you going to achieve what you want. All the challenges and failures are just a process to learn new thing and to experience life. Nobody is successful all the times and no one is a loser forever. No matter what happens, everybody needs to accept it and keep going. A stop to relax and rejuvenate while experience the world is essential but it is just a short moment and then start to work again. Everyone has a story to tell and every story is unique.