Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hi, I am Franky. Since I am a new blogger, here I am to introduce you to a guy who likes the word "LOUSY" very much. I am one of AUSMAT students in KBU International. Yes, it is an international college. For your information, AUSMAT stands for Australian Matriculation or Year 12. According to one of my lecturer, AUSMAT is something to do with West Australia. WACE has been our exam SYNDICATE (quoted by Ms Prema). Enough introduction for my course.
Today I had my first lesson of EAL/D (English as Additional Language/Dialect) and we got a surprising news. Our English lecturer, Mr Derick told us that we need to create a blog as our study log and he is going to view it every weekend. Whoa, what a surprise to me. I always want to be a blogger because it is very cool to have a blog. (This reason is restricted to this lousy guy only.) However, I never start a blog since I am too lazy to do so. I never thought that I shall become one in such way (as an ACADEMIC blogger).
After all, maybe this is a chance that God has arranged for me to become a blogger. Since I am new here, do leave your humble comments so that I can improve myself. I guess I have to stop here. If you are interested at what I am going to post for my lecturer, do follow my blog. Bye.

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