Friday, January 9, 2009

My Room, My Canaan

To me, the best place to read and study has turned out to be my little planet, my own room. Although it only occupies a small space, my room does mean a lot to me.

First of all, my room has everything I need for my reading or revision. All the materials and reference that I need can be reached easily. You may think that library would be a better place if I want to look for any materials or reference just simply because it is a LIBRARY. According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, The Seventh Edition, the word library means a building in which collections of books, CDs, newspapers, etc. are kept for people to read study or borrow. However, I can’t find what I want most of the time. Perhaps I am too slow than other. Another thing is that reference books that I owned are more than enough for me. To others maybe they think that the more books they use, the more they get. It maybe true in some extent. But surely I am not going to pile myself up with books. Franky is just a lazy baby.

Besides, I can be distracted by people easily. I like to observe people. When somebody comes around me, I shall observe him or her from head to bottom to come out with my own conclusion. The conclusion can be deduced from the way they walk, their apparels and appearance or the way they act. Perhaps you are one of them. I do have a roommate but I have enough observation of him since I see him every single day. Therefore, I can’t read in place like libraries, cafes (Starbuck and McDonalds). I really salute those capable of doing this.

The most important reason I choose my room to study is I can do everything in it. According to some reports that I have forgotten their title already, the duration to concentrate for an ordinary people is just only 50minutes to an hour. So, of course I need to lie down and have some rest every hour which I can never do it in library or other places. I can also eat and drink in my room. Other than that, I can listen to music and shout to release tension while I am studying. The librarians in KBU are quite fierce that they will just shout at when you talk slightly louder and I am one of the victims. To the librarians, can’t you just talk to us (KBU students) properly instead of shouting? We are civilized enough and we won’t chop your head down.

My room is just like what salt means to sea, flowers mean to humming birds, moon means to the Earth and Bella means to Edward. To me, it is the best and only place to read and study.


  1. It's not the librarian fault because she is just an ordinary Malay woman and who has to deal with bunch of barbarian Malaysian and forign students who merely understand English. Perhaps body language wil do a better job.

  2. nice study table, not 'lousy', not 'lousy' at all, haha...
    your paragraphs are nicely laid out, with thesis statements and all. great simile, but requires prior knowledge of the readers' to grasp the meaning.
    keep it up.

    Derick Tenh P.S